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High-end design from Germany: Rolf Benz AG & Co. KG has been manufacturing luxurious upholstered furniture for more than fifty years

Nagold. The upholstery company Rolf Benz AG & Co. KG is one of the pioneers of German design culture. From its inception in Nagold in the Black Forest in 1964, Rolf Benz quickly developed to become the avant-garde manufacturer of sofas that harmonise perfectly with their contemporary lifestyle. This internationally renowned brand of furniture, which has aficionados in more than 50 countries, stands for first-class design, stylistic intensity, unparalleled seating comfort and top tested "made in Germany" quality.

Rolf Benz AG has around 450 employees and manufactures its sought-after upholstered furniture itself very close to the company headquarters. The frames are manufactured in-house in Pfalzgrafenweiler. Storage, cutting, stitching, pre-upholstery and upholstery are all based in Mötzingen. Only a very small number of providers can demonstrate such continuous in-house production in Germany.

Rolf Benz also has a leading strategy. In the sixties, when the brand concept was relatively new, the company developed a direct emotional approach to communication. The ROLF BENZ brand in Germany epitomises a culture of seating with a timeless elegance which enables discerning people to express their own lifestyle.

Rolf Benz AG today

Today, Rolf Benz AG comprises four production areas: Luxurious upholstered furniture is manufactured for discerning sofa owners under the brand name of ROLF BENZ. In 2011 Rolf Benz introduced freistil, a new brand of upholstered furniture for unconventional and creative consumers. The ROLF BENZ CONTRACT collection is recommended for use in public and commercial premises.  In 2016, Rolf Benz AG launched the hülsta sofa brand for families to relax. The hülsta sofa combines upholstery knowledge from Rolf Benz with the philosophy of the world-renowned home brand hülsta. Rolf Benz AG has shown healthy growth rates in all four areas.

The company is one of the global players in the furniture industry and works with 300 retail partners in Germany and 250 retailers all over the world. Exports account for 45% of sales. Currently Rolf Benz is establishing flagship stores in all the principal cities in the world, working closely with retail partners. There are already centres in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, New Delhi, New York, Taiwan, Warsaw and Vienna. Additional flagship stores will follow.

Design prizes and projects

The upholstered masterpieces of the ROLF BENZ brand have been designed by the leading designers of their time and have won many of the most prestigious design prizes. The modular sofa system "Nuvola", which is designed in-house, was awarded "Winner" of the "German Design Award 2018". The perfectly proportioned Rolf Benz 562 club chair by This Weber was awarded "Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior 2018", "Best of Best".
The successfully marketed functional furniture from the ROLF BENZ brand regularly wins awards, such as the Rolf Benz NOVA with the "Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014" from the Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen. freistil has also won awards including "Winner" of the "Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior 2018" for the modern freistil 149 wing chair by Anders Nörgaard, covered with fabric from Berlin designer Dawid Tomaszewski.
Upholstered furniture from the ROLF BENZ CONTRACT collection can be found in well-known German and international architecture projects. For example, Werner Aisslinger designed a sofa together with Rolf Benz for the "25hours hotel langstrasse" in Zurich. The striking Rolf Benz 580 armchairs and the Rolf Benz EGO sofa system can be found in rooms in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Berlin. The business area of the Allianz Arena in Munich, Lufthansa’s Business Senator Lounge in London Heathrow Airport and the School of Law at the University of Baltimore were all supplied with furniture from ROLF BENZ.

Custom-made sofa ranges

ROLF BENZ has created versatile sofa ranges for elegant living spaces all over the world. We should mention here the first sofa system that appeared on television, the ADDIFORM, which dates from the year of the firm’s foundation, 1964. Also the Rolf Benz DONO which was designed for the company’s 40th anniversary celebrations, and has been extremely successful all over the world. Other very popular sofa ranges are the Rolf Benz EGO and CARA, which can all adapt to a great many ergonomic requirements. Flexible functional ranges helped Rolf Benz to rise to the position of international market leader. Of these, the Rolf Benz MERA and PLURA are especially sought-after. The fact that its fabric and leather covers are always custom-made gives a special individuality and versatility to the upholstered furniture from Nagold. In 2014 all ROLF BENZ and freistil ROLF BENZ upholstered furniture received "Blue Angel" certification in one comprehensive process. The models from hülsta sofa and ROLF BENZ CONTRACT have had the "Blue Angel" mark for some time. This award certifies that all the upholstered furniture is low-emission and that the materials used in the upholstery and covers are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

History of Rolf Benz AG

The Rolf Benz company was founded in Nagold in 1964 by the upholsterer Rolf Benz. With its innovative sofa ranges for the TV era, the firm grew quickly from 35 to several hundred employees, so that a second plant was built in nearby Mötzingen in 1974. In 1980, the Welle furniture dynasty from Westphalia acquired the company, which remained independent and went public under the company’s founder Rolf Benz in 1994. In 1998 the Hüls Group took over the majority stake of Welle, and the company’s founder retired in 1999. In 2000, the company withdrew from the stock exchange and changed into a limited partnership. In March 2018 the Chinese Kuka Investment and Management Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Jason Furniture from Hangzhou in China, acquired the company. As Gu Jiangsheng, Chairman of the Kuka Group, explained: “It is a matter of great importance to us to ensure that we wholeheartedly respect the brand DNA of Rolf Benz. In our view, ‘Made in Germany’ is a great asset which we will foster 100% now and in the future.” Jürgen Mauß, Chairman of Rolf Benz AG, has been running the business since 1 March, 2014.

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