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freistil 149 limited collection at the Cologne furniture fair: freistil teams up with Dawid Tomaszewski.

15.01.2018 / Cologne / Nagold. He ranks among the masters of women’s fashion and is known for the artful way he melds purism and glamour: The German-Polish fashion designer Dawid Tomaszewski first opened the doors to his own studio in 2009. Since then, he’s been making his own distinct impression on Berlin’s fashion scene. And for the Berlin Fashion Week and the imm Cologne in January 2018, the sofa label freistil Rolf Benz will launch a joint campaign with the fashion star.

freistil, a sofa label from the Black Forest region of south-western Germany, is heading back to Berlin with the aim of enticing free spirits with a weakness for fashion. freistil will showcase a newly interpreted wing chair and elegant cushions – clad in the couture of Dawid Tomaszewski – during the Berlin Fashion Week in January 2018.

The new “freistil x Dawid Tomaszewski Collection” can be viewed and experienced in the VOGUE fashion salon. The imm cologne (15–21 January 2018) will serve as another venue for this fashionfurniture crossover. This recent work continues a successful partnership between freistil and Dawid that began in summer 2017.

The new chair freistil 149 (created by furniture designer Anders Nörgaard) will appear in a limited edition of 150 pieces as part of the “freistil x Dawid Tomaszewski Collection”. Accentuating cushions will be available in two colours. Immediately recognizable to insiders, the striking, geometrically patterned couture clearly conveys the true fashion genius of Dawid Tomaszewski. The mesmerising cushions were the talk of the Berlin Fashion Week last summer.

The distinctive chair also has what it takes to become a person’s favourite retreat. Thanks to its protective wings, the chair is the perfect place at home to sit back and let the rest of the world go by (optionally with an ottoman). It’s also the ideal way to make a statement in hotels and offices. No matter where it’s placed, people will be enthralled. The freistil 149 special edition, along with the ottoman and cushions, can be seen and ordered at many locations at the end of March.

From Berlin to Stuttgart, many style-conscious furniture studios are already planning to showcase the “freistil x Dawid Tomaszewski Collection” in their stores. They will certainly attract the interest of bloggers and fashion magazines in the process: The community simply can’t get enough of Dawid Tomaszewski’s creations.

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