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Prize furniture! “Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior 2018” for ROLF BENZ and freistil
Nagold. Rolf Benz AG once again has cause to celebrate. No fewer than three pieces of ROLF BENZ brand furniture and three creations carrying the freistil ROLF BENZ label have received “Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior” awards.
Delight at Rolf Benz: German Design Award 2018 for NUVOLA and ALMA
Nagold, 20 October 2017. The passionate commitment of Rolf Benz AG to superb design has once again been recognised.  The world-renowned brand furniture company has received the German Design Award 2018 for two of its sofas: Rolf Benz NUVOLA is “Winner” and Rolf Benz ALMA has a “Special Mention”.
New at the 2017 in-house fair: Rolf Benz RONDO – Evolution of elegance
Nagold, 23 September 2017. A lot has changed since elegance meant firm cushions and stiff, upright positions. We have relaxed, we are more fun-loving, more pleasure-orientated. And we all want to bring this approach into our living space too. Now, elegance is more soft and inviting, laid-back and informal. It is streamlined shapes and flowing lines that characterise this approach. Like for instance Rolf Benz RONDO, the latest kind of stylish lounging - designed by This Weber and manufactured in the Black Forest by the brand design company Rolf Benz.
New at the 2017 in-house fair: Rolf Benz 562 – For those harmonious moments
Nagold, 23 September 2017. A strong design statement takes to the stage with Rolf Benz 562. This harmoniously shaped club armchair is at home almost anywhere. Its delicate-looking stature and organic appearance make it feel at home in stylish interiors and small alcoves, in corners where people read or chat, in hotels, clubs and other public spaces.
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