New at the 2018 Milan Furniture Fair: Global Lifestyle Made in Germany.

17th April 2018 / Milan / Nagold. The Rolf Benz brand has been demonstrating its keen sense of current lifestyle trends for over 50 years. The world-famous sofa brand is presenting the latest lifestyle trends at the Salone del Mobile in Milan (17th to 22nd April 2018). The Made in Germany furniture is perfectly shown in a classy and elegant setting. The current mood is richly reflected in its light-grey and powder tones, graphical style elements and subtle layers.

Almost imperceptible in daily life, a change is also underway in global premium living. The classic nuclear family is giving way to new models of being together. In addition to increasing numbers of households made up of singles and pairs, there are time-sharing models, temporary living quarters, multi-generation houses, or small, flexible living modules. In urban areas in particular, social gatherings increasingly take place in public places. Rolf Benz is presenting solutions for these developments in Milan.

Living visions for the new ways of “togetherness”

In a global, constantly changing world, home takes on an increasingly important significance. It becomes a place of retreat, the core of our own identity and offers space for individuality and “togetherness”. Even artists are addressing the issue of “home” more frequently. They create home environments in exhibitions, design astounding furniture or revive old designs. One such designer who is working on the interface between design and art is London-based Bodo Sperlein. He designed the new Rolf Benz 988 table which is almost sculpture-like with its handcrafted, biomorphic forms, creating the magical focus for a place of refuge that is a precious experience at the same time.

New gathering places can be found everywhere: in the open architectures of modern, private living spaces as well as in urban lifestyles where “togetherness” is increasingly experienced in cafés, restaurants, hotel lobbies or co-working spaces. All of these places should be as personal and cosy as your own living room – a requirement that is best fulfilled by the new Rolf Benz 655 chair. The new seating furniture from design duo Hoffmann/Kahleyss can be luxuriously personalised. The new, wonderfully practical wool fabric from Rolf Benz is also modern and cosy, enabling unique living compositions with its powdery, poetic colours.

Whereas collectively-used square metres are growing larger, our own rooms in the city are becoming smaller. An element of imagination is required, especially in urban environments. Balconies or terraces can become additionally-used living spaces. Increasing numbers of companies are also offering small mobile living modules that serve as creative oases in small gardens or on the roof. Just like in classic apartments, there is also a need for seating furniture that meets many needs. Rolf Benz has been offering delicate functional sofa ranges for quite some time, with great success. Rolf Benz is picking up on the use of elegant, natural materials and the coalescence of inside and outside with its new Rolf Benz AURA sofa. The latest lifestyles are elegantly translated into a sofa range.

Rolf Benz the Company

Since it was founded in 1964, Rolf Benz the company has been picking up on cultural and social developments and designing furniture to match them. Rolf Benz presented the first sofa system for optimum television viewing in its foundation year. To date, Germany’s bestknown sofa brand with end customers in over 50 countries still stands for visionary design, devotion to style, uncompromising seating comfort and quality that is made in Germany. Rolf Benz design has already won several awards. Today, Rolf Benz AG has around 450 employees and manufactures its upholstered furniture itself very close to the company headquarters in Nagold. The frames are manufactured in-house in Pfalzgrafenweiler. Storage, cutting, stitching, pre-upholstery and upholstery are all based in Mötzingen. Today, only very few upholstered furniture brands are able to demonstrate such continuous in-house production.

Although Rolf Benz the company has changed owners several times, it has always kept its identity. Most recently, Rolf Benz was owned by the German Hüls group of companies (Stadtlohn). The upholstered furniture company has now been sold to the Chinese company Jason Furniture (Hangzhou City). The contract was signed on 28th February, which promptly came into force subject to verification by the German and Chinese authorities. The sale was executed by KUKA Investment and Management Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Jason Furniture. As before, Rolf Benz continues as an internationally renowned German lifestyle brand produced in the Black Forest.

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